Recycling of overdue products

Утилизация продуктов питания, просроченной продукции, косметики, некачественных товаров

Recycling of overdue products, food products, writing-off, processing and destruction of defective, damaged products and finished semi-finished products, as well as their export; prohibited, substandard and illiquid goods, products with expired shelf life, sale, use, shelf life, waste of production and raw materials, as well as samples of products, materials and goods. Also, for disposal and destruction, goods that have a non-commodity appearance, inadequate quality, are included.

These include:

– food products (coffee, chocolate, canned goods, fruits, vegetables, berries)
– Cosmetic and perfumery products (cosmetics, perfumes)
– dairy products, milk, cheese, yogurt
– bakery products (bread, biscuits, toast, buns, bread)
– alcoholic group of goods (alcohol), beer, wine, tobacco / cigarettes
– cable products with manufacturing waste
– the packaging, storage conditions, shelf life, storage, sale expired or passed
– processed grain, grain crops, grain wastes (wheat, oats, barley, corn), seeds
– meat and meat products, sausage products
– food waste of enterprises
– medicines, drugs, tablets, vaccines
– chemical reagents
– food and non-food products
– Household chemicals, detergents, cleaning products
– overdue and substandard building mixes and materials (expired)
– expired paint, varnishes, poor-quality oil, drying oil, damaged packaging / marking
– substandard seeds, planting material, treated / etched corn (spoiled)
– counterfeit, prohibited, sanctioned, non-compliant, under customs control goods / products / foodstuffs

Particular attention is paid to the utilization and destruction of such goods and medical products as: late and low-quality medicines, pharmaceuticals, veterinary drugs and feed additives.

Our organization can provide transportation services in the cities – Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk … in Ukraine (regional and district centers).

Price: 1t – 5000 UAH. The price is not final and can be negotiated depending on the quantity.

After the provision of services for disposal, we issue an act of completed works on disposal, for VAT payers, a tax invoice in electronic form.